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Dokuz Eylül University
Law School
Vocational School of Justice

1st Class
Course Code Course Name   
                                T  P   ECTS  Duration          
AMY 1004    Information on Criminal Law                  2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 1016
   Introduction to Law                              2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 1018
   Legal Terminology and Legal Writing     2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 1019
   Information on Constitutional Law          2  0     4       1 Year
AMY 1028
   Office of Court Management Legislation 2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 1029
   Information on Civil Law I                     2  0     4       1 Year
AMY 1030
   Typing I                                              1  2     5      1 Year
TBT 1011
   Basic Information Technology                1  2     4       1 Year
ATA 1000
   Atatürk Principles and History                2  0     4      1 Year
TDL 1000
   Turkhis Language                                2  0     4      1 Year
YDA 1000
   Foreign Language (German)                 2  0     4      1 Year
YDF 1000
   Foreign Language (French)                   2  0     4      1 Year
YDİ 1000
   Foreign Language (English)                   2  0     4      1 Year
Elective Courses (1st Semester)
AMY 1031    Financial Legislation                            2  0     5       1 Semester
AMY 1032
   Business and Management Information 2  0     5      1 Semester
AMY 1033
   Information on Criminology                  2  0     5       1 Semester
AMY 1034
   Information on Judicial Organization      2  0     5       1 Semester
AMY 1035
   Information on Disciplinary Law            2  0     5      1 Semester
AMY 1036
   Information on European Union Law     2  0     5      1 Semester
Elective Courses (2st Semester)

AMY 1037
   Information on Human Rights Law      2  0     5      1 Semester
AMY 1038
   Tax Legislation                                   2  0     5      1 Semester
AMY 1039
   Information on Notification Law           2  0     5      1 Semester

2nd Class
Course Code Course Name    
                             T   P   ECTS   Duration         
AMY 2019
   Accounting                                       2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2028  
  Information on Civil Procedure Law     2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2029
   Information on Bankruptcy Law          2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2030
   Information on Criminal Prodecure Law      2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2031
   Info on Prison Administration and Enforcement  2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2032
   Information on Commercial Law        2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2033
   Information on Civil Law II                2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2034
   Info on Administration and
                  Administrative Procedure Law I        2  0     4      1 Year
AMY 2035
   Typing II                                        1  2      5      1 Year
AMY 2036
   Practice                                          0  0      8      30 Day
Elective Courses (1st Semester)

AMY 2037
   Information on Notary Law               2  0      5      1 Semester
AMY 2038
   Information on Banking Law             2  0      5      1 Semester
AMY 2039
   Information on Public Envorcement Law 2  0      5      1 Semester
AMY 2040
   Info on Police and Private Security Law  2  0     5      1 Semester
Elective Courses (2st Semester)

AMY 2041
   Info.on Land Registry and Cadastre Law 2  0      5      1 Semester
AMY 2042
   Information on Labour Law Procedure     2  0     5      1 Semester

T: Theoretical Courses   P: Practice

1st Class
AMY 1004 Information on Criminal Law  
1- Concept (Definition - The term  Dominating the Criminal   Law   Principles)
2- History
3- Sources of Criminal Law and Interpretation
4- Application of Criminal Law (Territorial application, Temporal   application, Personal Application)
5- The General Theory of Crime
I -  Generally
II-  Elements of Crime,
a- Important Issues other than Elements of Crime
b- Legal Element
c- Actus Reus
III- Element of Illegality
IV- Mens Rea
6- Special  Appearance Forms of Crime ( Attempt, Concurrence , Complicity )
7- Legal Error
8- Offender and Victim
9- Punishment ( Concept, Types,  Consequences of Criminal Sentences: subsidiary and supplementary punishments, Determination of the punishment , Conditional Release ).
10- Restitution of rights and Conviction Record  
11- Reduce Punishment Causes, (Death of  the accused or the convict, Amnesty, Lapse of Time)

AMY 1016 Introduction to Law
Rules of social order, the definition of law, law enforcement and the types, sources of positive law, the separation of private law - public law, private law departments, departments of public law, law enforcement, types of rights, the right holder, legal entities, the acquisition and loss of rights, legal acts and operations, protection of rights.

AMY 1018 Legal Terminology and Legal Writing   
Legal terms, concepts and correspondence procedures.

AMY 1019 Information on Constitutional Law

The basic structure of the state according to the Constitution , the legislative,  executive, judiciary and fundamental rights and freedoms, elections, political parties, constitutional review.

AMY 1028 Office and Court Management Legislation
General classification of the judicial organization, judicial organization, the legal regulations of the clerk’s offices in courts, rules for  files and records, correspondence, forms and processes all kinds of  administrative works, and tasks of court clerks.

AMY 1029 Information on Civil Law  I

Definition of Law, Legal Rules and their Basic Characteristics, Types of Legal Rules, Meaning and Scope   of Civil Law, Law Resources, Law Enforcement. Discretion of the judge, The Concept of Rights and the Protection of Rights.
LAW OF PERSONS (Person and Personality, Real and Legal Persons, Person's competency, personality rights, Protection of Personality, Name and Protection of Names, Residential Area, Personal Status Registry, Legal Entities , Associations, Foundations.)
- Basic Information on the Law of Obligations,
- Resources,
- Fundmental principles,
- Basic Concepts ,
- Debt Resources,
- Obligations,
- Obligations Derived From Torts,
- Obligations Derived From Unjust Enrichment ,
- Performance of the Obligations, Legal Violations, Consequences of Default,
- Termination of Obligations.

AMY 1030 Typing I  

History of computer. Turkish keyboard. 10 finger typing without reading. The importance of writing and basic rules of the keyboard. Accurate and serial writing .

TBT 1011 Basic Information Technology

General Computer terminology, Windows 98 Operating System, Office Software (Winword, Excel)

ATA 1000 Atatürk Principles and History
- Atatürk Principles and History of Revolution. Purpose, and readings on the Turkish Revolution
- An overview of the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish revolution  
- Constitutional Era
- Intellectual Movements in the Ottoman Empire during  the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Ottomanism, Islamism, Turkism, Westernism)
- Disintegration of the Ottoman Empire
- Mondros Treaty
- Invasions  and occupations of the country
- Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s Leave for Samsun
- Unification under a central management
- The first step in the struggle with the Congress  
- Nationalist Period
- Invasion and occupation of Istanbul and Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s response
- Turkey Grand National Assembly
- Preparation of the Treaty of Sevres and it’s signing by the Ottoman Government
- Mudanya to Lausanne

TDL 1000 Turkhis Language

Language system, the world's languages, Turkish Dialects, Phonetics, Additional Information, Reading, Oral Expression, Written Expression, General Speech Disorders.

YDİ 1000 Foreign Language (English)  

- Present Tense of be,
- Nouns, adjectives, and prepositions,
- Wh-Questions; possessive nouns; prepositions of time and place,
- Imperatives; there is/there are,
- Present progressive,
- Simple Present tense,
- Simple present tense and present progressive,
- Simple past tense,
- Past tense of be,
- Nouns and quantifiers; Modals: can, could, would,
- Future; Modals: may and might,
- Comparisons,
- Past progressive; Direct and ındirect objects,
- Modals: should, had better, have to, must; superlatives,
- Putting it all together.

AMY 1031 Financial Legislation
- Government revenue (taxes and fees, their general characteristics, local government revenues),
- Public expenditures,
- Budget (General, value-added, private and autonomous budget preparation, approval, implementation and monitoring),
- Public Debt ,
- Social Security legislation (financial obligations of employers),
- Customs Regulations,
- Public Procurement Regulations.

AMY 1032 Business and Management Information

Production and factors of production, business, enterprise, business economics and management, enterprise organizational goals, business importance and place in economics, business types, business functions, organizational issues, operational capacity, the concept of capital, management functions

AMY 1033 Information on Criminology  

Criminology: the causes of crime, fight against criminality ,
Criminalistics: obtaining evidence of crimes committed

AMY 1034 Information on Judicial Organization
Organization of the judicial courts, the establishment of the judicial function to fulfill the duty of the courts, duties, functions and relations with each other, the principles of jurisdiction, duties and rights of participants in the trial process are discussed.

AMY 1035 Information on Disciplinary Law

In this course, the importance of discipline, types  of disciplinary offenses and penalties,  disciplinary  procedures, the principles of discipline prevailing law, criminal and disciplinary relationship, special acts, regulations and disciplinary decisions made by courts, are examined.

AMY 1036 Information on European Union Law    

Steps in the Process of European Integration, Economic Integration Models, Schuman Plan, Establishment of the European Communities, the Single Act, Maastricht Treaty Establishing the European Union, Amsterdam Treaty, the Nice Treaty, the draft European Constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, the Union Fundamental Doctrines of Law, Sources of the Union, the European Union's institutional structure, the Turkey- EU Relations: Partnership  Agreement, Additional Protocol, the Association Council Decisions, the Customs Union, the 1999 Helsinki Summit - Candidacy Process, Negotiation Process

AMY 1037 Information on Human Rights Law   

Lecture covers the topics such as: definition of the concept  and types of human rights, historical development. Human rights approach in the Turkish  Constitution, 1982 Constitution and the limitation of fundamental rights and freedoms. Human rights  in national law. Protecting human rights in international level. In this context, first, and the related international conventions on human rights protection mechanisms will be explained in general. Then European Convention on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights and the individual application of state roads, mainly in terms of admissibility and examination of the application phase, the nature of court decisions, and implementation of  the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the contract will be discussed. Issues related to the European Convention on Human Rights will be examined in the light of European Court of Human Rights case law.

AMY 1038 Tax Legislation  

- Basic Concepts of Tax Law,
- Tax Crimes and Punishments,
- Turkish Tax Administration Agency,
- Turkish Tax System (Income Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Value Added Tax Act, Excise Tax Act, the Stamp Tax Law, Funding Law, Inheritance and Gift Tax Act.)

AMY 1039 Information on Notification Law   

In this course, these topics will be covered: the importance of notification, notification to authorities, notification to people, place and time of notification, the notification procedures, abroad and foreigners, illegal notification.

2nd Class
AMY 2019 Accounting    
Definitions, principles, book of accounts, journal entries, inventory transactions and balance sheets legislation.

AMY 2028 Information on Civil Procedure Law

Duties and powers of the Courts of Law, lawsuits, reply to the claims, the investigation phase (proofs, predicate etc.) verdict, control mechanism, (legal remedies, appeals, decisions), the applicability of arbitration.

AMY 2029 Information on Bankruptcy Law

Types of Enforcement, law enforcement agency, complaints, charges and expenses of enforcement,  notification, execution tracking, the payment order, payment order appeal, appeal and removal,  cancellation of objection, negative, declaration of property, sales, negotiable instruments, evacuation, bankruptcy,cancellation proceedings.

AMY 2030 Information on Criminal Prodecure Law   

Description of the Criminal Procedure Law, history, resources, rules of Criminal Procedure,  interpretation, application, criminal procedure scheme, criminal procedure law and human rights,  organization of Criminal Courts, persons participating in criminal procedure Law of Evidence, Protection measures, forfeiture judgments, executions trial restitution of  prohibited rights, Special Criminal Procedures.

AMY 2031 Info. on Prison Administration and Enforcement

Duties of public prosecutor, judicial police, the general principles of execution, law enforcement, and exercise, the dissolution of the penalty and enforcement agencies.

AMY 2032 Information on Commercial Law

Business Law, Securities Law, Corporate Law.

AMY 2033 Information on Civil Law  II

FAMILY LAW (Family Concept and principles of Turkish family law, marriage, General Provisions,  Invalidity, Cancellation and Termination of marriage, divorce, paternity , custody, guardianship, guardianship and Legal Consulting, Guardianship Administration, Termination of guardianship and guardianship organs.)
LAW OF PROPERTY (of Law of  Property, Real Rights and It’s Elements, Definition and Types of goods,  ownership, Land Registry, Limitations of Coverage, Movable Property, easement rights,  Pledge of Movables.)
- Heritage Basic Concepts of Law,
- Heirs,
- Legal Heirs,
- Group System and Principles, (Adoption and legal heirs)
- Dedicated heirs,
- Testamentary Dispositions

AMY 2034 Info on Administration and Administrative Procedure  Law I

Turkish Administrative Organization Structure and Function of the administration, effect of Constitutional Principles on Administrative Law, Public Personnel, Public Goods, Public Service, The Concept of Liability of Administration.
Characteristics of the administrative judiciary, judicial bodies, task distribution and disputes, cancellation  proceedings, administrative procedure, duties and powers, parties, the case opening,   merging and separation of lawsuits, litigation, appeal, appeal the decision in the correction of a trial.

AMY 2035 Typing II

Efforts to improve the speed, examples of correspondence, efforts to improve the speed for the interview test of Justice Commissions, functional use of the keyboard.

AMY 2037 Information on Notary Law  

Notarial profession, rules, roles and responsibilities (notaries agency, circumference, Notary Chambers - Duties, Turkey Union of Notaries - duties, notaries classification, admission to the profession, the notary office and staff, prohibitions and obligations of notaries, notary duties (general and special), procedures to be followed notary forms, notary to document proving the power of the transactions, the legal responsibilities of notaries)

AMY 2038 Information on Banking Law

Definiton of Bank, classification of banks, transactions and tutorials on Banking Law.

AMY 2039 Information on Public Envorcement Law     

General principles and concepts of law enforcement in Turkish public enforcement law (within the framework of Code number 6183). Protection of public receivables, collateral, personal guarantees, liens and preemptive rights accrued reserve, null and void savings, payment and forms of public receivables, deferment, postponement and late payment penalties, enforcement of public receivables, procedures, the payment order, foreclosures and confiscated property interest  liquidation of the goods, tracking and collection of public receivables and ways of solution of the disputes, lapse of time, and cancellation.

AMY 2040 Info. on Police and Private Security Law

Armed forces and police force in Turkey, the authority relations between law enforcement,  prevention and prosecution, duties and powers of Police, admittance.

AMY 2041 Info. on Land Registry and Cadastre Law
Land Registry,  Land Registry Agency, Land Registry principles, procedures of Title Deeds and Cadastre, real estate transactions.

AMY 2042 Information on Labour Law Procedure  

Our laws regarding labor and social security law foresee labor courts  to solve the disputes arising from the implementation of these laws. In accordance with Law No. 5521 Labour Courts are established to deal with such  disputes. Law No. 5521 requires labour courts to apply a special procedure in labour law disputes. In this course, the characteristics of  labour law procedure topics are planned to be discussed. The duties, powers, and specialities of Business Courts proceedings; this context, in particular, the opening of the trial, evidence and proof business proceedings, investigations, judgments and legal remedies, the main issues will be examined. Characteristics of some cases the will be examined more closely, in particular law suit for reinstatement.

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